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Dearborn Electronics

Dearborn is the US arm of the Exxelia Group,manufacturers of high end capacitors for applications like Aerospace, down hole, medical, high speed rail. Exxelia brand include SIC SAFCO aluminum electrolytic, Firadec Tantalum, Eurofarad ceramic and plastic film. Additionally Dearborn have their own plastic film capacitors line from prior to the Exxelia application. Dearborn’s engineering support means that US customers can take advantage of Exxelia technology without  without involving ITAR issues. Allied’s over 10 year  experience and familiarity with the Exxelia capacitors makes us the natural source for technical and commercial support.

Firadec  tantalum capacitors

Wet Tantalum  caps ST78 and CT78 are now qualified for down hole and other critical applications up to 200° C and we are working on the 220 and 240 degree parts that will be needed for the deeper wells.

- The Firadec CTC21 surface mount solid tantalum  has no equivalent from other manufacturers. It offers very low parasitic characteristics (i.e. low ESR and ESL) so that the capacitor can work at high frequencies without over heating because of too many losses. The catalogue product is very reliable. Higher levels of reliability are nevertheless available (up to space level, in accordance to European Space Agency recommendations).- The tantalum dielectric technology is the one which offers the highest values of capacitance in a given volume. The CTC 21 is available in up to 330 microfarad and up to 63 volts.

Eurofarad Ceramic Capacitor Features:

Very low temperature (-196°C, -269°C).

Complex functions (RC, RLC)

Specific shapes on request.

Gold capacitors.

Polymer terminations.

Very high temperature (> 200°C) Ceramic encapsulated Families

design, Light weight, Voltage: 50 V to 100 V ,Current up to 50 A, Temperature range 55°C  +125°C